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The Band 

Tim Toz
Joy Tolbert

The Bio

Joy & Tim’s long distance collaboration is a culmination
of songwriting, studio and live experience and the innate
fondness of similar tastes in Rock & Pop. They usually land on the same page.
But new ideas spark new conversations and... new songs.
That's where the fun is. 

What others say: (all from

You guys could be the poster children for the old expression,
some of the best music out there is unheard by the masses!!!
She is as good as any female singer I have ever heard!!
And the songs and production are all top notch!!

You folks have a way with melody. This is the kind of stuff that just sticks in a person's head.

Epic cinematic sound!! Mature, honest and great vocals!

What Oli says:

Tolbert Toz is one great Band in my eyes! I love the mix of electronic Parts in the songs and just pure guitars and drums! This is a perfect mix which will make your ears just happy to listen to the music!
Guys keep up your great work! You absolutly rock!

Where you can find Tolber Toz:

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