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TheKunig is definitely a rarity in today’s musical landscape.
Featured 18 times on BBC Introducing and 4 times on Tom Robinsons Radio 6 Mixtape.
Come for the chilled dance tune, stay for the mind-blowing eclecticism

What others say:

TheKunig is the artistic moniker of electronica producer, musician and looper Micky C who hails from Derby, England. Specifically, his production skills include drum loops, sequencers, synths and bass. Under this moniker he has released several albums since 2015 including On The Canvas, Urban Album, Kunigunda, Coulda Tried Harder and his most recent album, Bloodline, released in March 2019. His music has been featured many times on one of the UKís most prominent and important shows for breaking new artists, BBC Introducing.

Alex Faulkner - The Faulkner Review - May 17th 2019

The reason why TheKunig is who and where he is today is because he has never been afraid to do things differently. The fact that albums like this exists at all is testament to TheKunig perseverance, raw talent, and prophetic direction with which he steers his music to the richest musical waters; plucking out those worth bringing along on his musical voyage and creating records greater than the sum of their parts

Jamsphere - 2018

TheKunig has exceeded all expectations with this fantastic new single, building upon the already impressively high-standards set in the past Lakeland Plaza is sleek & sexy, enticing & engaging at all times it makes an instant connection on an emotional level through both the charming melody in the music & vocals with impeccable balance. Straight-up, itís a vibrantly gorgeous & colorfully-expressive tune

Sleeping Bag Studios 2019

What Oli says:

TheKunig is one really amazing Band. The first time i have listened to the songs, i really fell in love with the unique style. I would call it a Softrock to pop style! What excited me the most about the music? You can't actually put TheKunig in any genre box. Every single song is a new way to explore this excellent music. So guys give TheKunig a listen!

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