The Delerium Trees

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The Band

Drew Jarvie founding member, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist
Steve Barker  guitarist and producer.

The Bio

Their debut album, Paradise Will Be, explores the themes of hope, despair, loneliness, dreams, religion and politics.
The title track, Paradise Will Be, is about the optimism you feel at the beginning of a new relationship. The next song, Here Comes The Day, follows the relationship towards a more permanent future. Dark Clouds, the bleakest song on the album, is seen from a child’s point of view as their parents split up. Bound To Win follows the path of both parents as they face the consequences of their possible separation. The Lonely Hearts Club Met Again deals with them rebuilding their lives. The sixth song, Winter Skies In Summer Time, looks at happier times but with danger lurking in the shadows. If We Don’t Try basically deals with trying to save a relationship, plotting a way forward. Two political songs follow: Back Through The Door deals with those who promise the world and give nothing; And They Said continues in the same direction but with a more environmental slant. The album closes with the instrumental Climbing Walls, which is all about freerunning and breaking the chains of everyday life.
Drew formed The Delerium Trees after Perfect Stranger split up in 2001. He has created a unique soundscape based on his brass band and classical training, combined with various rock styles from his musical travels. Through the years, he has appeared with Nazareth, Huw Lloyd-Langton (Hawkwind), Then Jerico, Man and most recently Gavin Sutherland, providing the brass on several albums. Steve has mainly played for local bands in the North East of Scotland. The Delerium Trees is his first step into the world of original music.

What others say:

Drew Jarvie and Steve Barker’s The Delerium Trees is the burgeoning of optimism, the flowering of the buoyant balloon of sanguinity and it is one that is universally recognised when thought of in the context of a new love. Liverpool Sound and Vision March 12 2018

What Oli says:

The Delerium Trees are one of the first bands which submitted music to our Station. I always love the conversations with Drew on Twitter. Always open to show me more scottish music! 
The music itself is very catchy. I personaly love the openings very much. When you hear them you want automaticly hear the rest of the song. And i promise you won't be disappointed keep listening to the songs! I also love the mix of instruments in the songs! It is a perfect mix!
Keep rocking guys!

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