The Apathy Parade

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The Band

Sara Ess - vocals
Christopher Byron - keyboards, fretless bass
Russ Benoit - drums, guitars, bass 

The Bio 

The Apathy Parade began as a solo project by Russ, who quickly realized that since he's a drummer some outside musicians would add so much more depth to the songs. Close friend and former bandmate Chris hopped on board, bringing Sara to provide lead vocals. The end result, after months of emailing tracks back and forth, is the Something Old, Something New EP. 

What others say:

Oli has to do research

What Oli says:

The Apathy Parade is a very cool rock band. I love the mix on their EP between very rockish songs and some which goes more into balads. The mix on the EP is perfect and i just can say it is a really groovy one! I even can't tell you which is my favorite song because they are all awesome in their own style! Guys give The Apathy Parade a chance and listen to them! Really worth it!
Keep Rocking!!

Where you can find The Apathy Parade

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