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The Band:

Peter Biely
Jan Pohl
Dr. Jan Hendrikxs
Javi López
Nacho Más
Tom Kron

The Bio:

T.O.M. (The Organized Misuse) was founded by the prolific songwriter Tom Kron as a One-Man-Band. His music has been influenced by a variety of music styles and musicians, to whom he plays tribute to in many of his strikingly powerful songs. In 2007, the versatile guitarist Jan Pohl joined the band adding his enthusiasm, musical talent and influences. In 2011, Peter Biely, professional violinist of the Orchestra Ciudad de Granada, added his fire and talent on violin and mandolin, along with the naturally talented Javi López on bass, and the multitalented Dr. Jan Hendrikxs on drums. These three new additions have brought T.O.M. to a new level of musical interpretation, excitement and professionalism. Above all, the versatile, energetic band T.O.M. is a light-hearted group of incredibly talented friends who put on a great, energetic and powerful show.

What Others Say:

Beautiful vocals, perfect song! <3 - Soundcloud User

Great, organically structured song - beautiful. - Soundcloud User

Wow, great power. lots of feeling. Very nice - Soundcloud User

What Oli Says:

Well where can I start... T.O.M. plays some fantastic rock music! Some faster ones, some very rhytmic ones. You just can't put this Band in a certain rock box. Really every single song is in its on way amazing. I love the variety of these guys! And not only the music is amazing. Tom is one awesome person and always good for some great funny convos! So give this great band a listen! 

Where You Can Find T.O.M.

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