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Sapphira Vee

The Bio 

Sapphira Vee is half human, half machine. The machines provide automation which allow my human hands and imagination to create, perform and record this music.

Discography: The Traveler EP, Chapter Missing, Infunkstrial

What others say:

Sapphira Vee came out of nowhere and filled a void in 2019 synthwave: 80s infused electro heavily flavoured by industrial. Right from the first song I knew this was an album I would be listening to more often (and a couple of songs have made it on to my playlists). Apart from great production, Sapphira has the vocals to match. This is an album I like very much. Favorite track: Hominal.

Miles Matrix
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The newest single by Sapphira Vee, Start Over, is a catchy and fun song. The single is from her latest album titled Infunkstrial, which is a perfect way to describe this track, actually. It has a funky groove, as well as an industrial edge to it. It’s wonderful to find indie artists with their own well-defined sound that doesn’t remind me of someone else who forged that path already.

Startwing Digital

What Oli says:

Sapphira Vee's music is just pure energy! You need to get in a good mood? Then listen to her! The sound is just amazing and you can't keep your feet still on the floor. You just have to move around!
Personally i also love her support for every kind of Indie Music! Keep up that great work!

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