Revolution Rabbit Deluxe

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The Band 

Rev Rab - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ben - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dan - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick - Drums

The Bio 

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe (RRD) started as a solo project for founder and guitarist Rev Rab, but it quickly evolved into a four-piece band from the Welsh valleys. Their melody-driven innovative rock has garnered excellent reviews, and frequent internet airplay. With several plays on BBC Radio Wales, they are hopefully poised to conquer mainstream radio.

Tales from Armageddonsville, their debut album, came about when Leon West, producer of Goldy Lookin’ Chain, approached RecRock for artists suitable for release on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes. With an album ready to go, RRD were put forward. The collaboration will continue with other RecRock artists soon to be available.

Like the Monkees, RRD live in one house and in-between writing, recording and gigging, they tour the world looking for crimes to solve. They lost their summer jobs as archaeologists on Time Team after a drunken lunchtime argument with Tony Robinson led to an unfortunate incident with a toilet, some dynamite, and a livid, wet, red-faced, tender-assed TV host. To this day, Tony twitches violently when he passes a lavatory.

What others say:


If you’ve ever thought that the Beatles would sound better with extra crunchy distortion it’s safe to say Revolution Rabbit Deluxe’s standout single “Going Solo” from their latest album “Tales From Armageddonsville” will be right up your street.

Going Solo has a psychedelic drive complemented by fuzzy distortion which bleeds from the electric guitar as it seamlessly yet raucously glides through the chord progressions. It’s almost a little ironic that the next track on the album is “Chords Played All Wrong.” Irony aside, with riffs which would be at home in a Metal track, yet with an archetypical Psychedelic Pop Rock Vocals, you’re treated to a smorgasbord of elements which no one can deny is prodigal.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

What Oli says:

Revolution Rabbit Deluxe is one of the first bands which submitted music to me! And i really loved them from the first second of their song! They have a pretty cool sound! I even cant compare them with any band. It is a sound of their own. A great mix of rock, punk and some keyboards. If you listen to them you just have to jump around and enjoy the music! Always worth a listen! Keep rocking guys!

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