Nine Year Sister

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The Band:

Jennie Wardle
Emma Wardle

The Bio:

The sisters love to infuse their music and heartfelt lyrics with strong harmonies and acoustic guitar.

Individually, Jennie and Emma have won songwriting competitions in Australia. Their music has already been played and appreciated on radio stations around the world.

In 2019, 'Nine Year Sister' began live performances of their original music. Their first performance at a festival was at 'Snowflakes In Stanthorpe', held in July.

They have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of taking to the stage to share their original music with others at various local venues. They are looking forward to more performance opportunities in the future.

Jennie and Emma are constantly writing new songs and will continue to record and release new music.

They chose the name 'Nine Year Sister' because they are sisters, nine years apart in age.

What others say:

Hey I really like the acoustic with your vocal harmonies in this song, they sound really good together! I just put out a new song called "keep me around" on Spotify, and the link is in the "about" section of my channel. If you could give it a listen on there and let me know what you think it would mean a lot to me! Thanks! -Youtube User

What Oli says:

I just can recommend you to listen to this awesome Sisters! I really love their calm style. Songs to dream away from a bad day, to cheer you up or just to daydream a bit! Nine Year Sister have really an amazing way to cheer you up! This soft vocals combinated with the guitar play is just wow! When i found them while researching i first was left speechless by this amazing music! Keep up that great work! 

Where you can find Nine Year Sister:

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