Man Eat Grass

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The Band 

4 Members 
Guitar's Bass
Lead Guitar

The Bio 

A band from the South United Kingdom.... Give us Guitar, a Bass, Drum and Mic seven pints, that's what its like... just real music from our amp to your ears. We have had some great fun and a few wins along the way!

Write, play, record,

We don't feel the need to ponce around with our tracks to make them sound commercial for hours , days , weeks, months.

At the end of the day, music is to enjoy, once you start changing what you do to fit in with others, then its lost its originality.

Influences are many, from that guy who just sits on a cold floor with a guitar busking to earn a crust, right through to the multi million selling artist who really doesn't need to do, It ain't for the money no more, its for the love,

Music owns my soul and forever will.

What others say:

Oli is on the research mode here!

What Oli says:

Man eat grass is for me pure fun and pure rock! The smoky voice of Tom matches perfect the (sometimes) rough pure rock! I love Man eat grass peronal style of rock! It is a must to listen to them. I promise you, you won't sit still while listening to Man eat grass! Also i have to say i am very happy and glad i have met you guys!
Keep up this great style and keep rocking guys!

Where you can find Man eat grass

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