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The Band:

Keith Furstenberg

The Bio:

Kortokrax is the music formed in the mind and soul of its only member. His name is Keith, and he has been making music since he was a child. He originally used pots and pans to play along with the songs of Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Styx, and Bob Seger. As time went on, he enrolled in band at school playing the trumpet and percussion. While in high school, and during the peak of grunge music, he began playing guitar, percussion, and singing in a local garage band. It was during this time he began to write lyrics to his own music and have the dream of recording his music in the studio. While in college he joined a band where his love of Primus, Metallica, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Pantera, and Alice in Chains were combined with his own original tunes. As his college career came to an end, his dream of recording a formal CD of music was realized. Kortokrax is the type of music that is perfect for a nice drive, cleaning the house, taking a walk, or just playing in your favorite coffee shop. They mix instrumentals, with rock, easy listening, with just a splash of the psychedelic to keep it interesting. The album "The Light is On" is the first release by this band. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

What others say:

Oli has to research

What Oli says:

Kortokrax has an amazing style! The Synth Pop mix is really great! Very Catchy and has a great flow in the songs themself! I really enjoy listening to Kortokrax! You should give the songs a listen, you wont regret it!

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