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The Band

Kivi - Vocals
O-Face - Drums
DD - Guitar
VJJ - Guitar
Daddy Dani - Guitar 

The Bio

Kittenhead the band that is gonna make you love rock n roll again!

After a summer of song writing, Kittenhead played its first live shows in September 2012 in the Pacific Northwest, with a headlining slot at the Comet in Seattle. Since then, the band has played hit the entire West Coast, with fans requesting Kittenhead to return to following from every show.

Kittenhead Recorded their 1st EP "Derby Girl" which garnered much acclaim and radio play for the title track. "Derby Girl" is currently the skate out music for Roller Derby Leagues around the world from the UK to Australia and across North and South America. Kittenhead has played several Roller Derbies including the Sugartown Roller Derby, Viva Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Roller Derby and San Diego Derby Dolls (to name a few) derby bouts. High energy is an understatement at all Kittenhead shows but the Derbies bring a whole new level of excitement!

As a follow up to their successful EP, Kittenhead recorded "We're Here" a full length CD with Paul Roessler of Kitten Robot Studios. The 1st single "Tinman" is a social statement about the violence in our society and has been played on college radio from New Zealand to the US. It was the Featured song of the month in January of 2015 at the University of Limerick Ireland as well as the CD being featured at the University of Turku, Finland in December of 2014. Currently the single "#9" is being played on The World Famous KROQ, by Rodney on the Roq, Mayor of the Sunset Strip and tastemaker par excellent.

Highly entertaining live shows led to Kittenhead receiving rave reviews from, Reno Tonight Magazine, as well as airplay on various Internet radio stations across the country, including Stench Radio, GFsix, and BostonRockRadio, just to name a few.

The band has played benefit shows for cancer survivors, college scholarships and animal rights organizations. Kittenhead is committed creating a better society and loves to give their time and energy to such causes that support that end.

What others say:

“. This rhythm posed contributes much to its uniqueness, and leaves the place to the melodies and especially to the characteristic voice of his singer to insinuate into your brain! Warning it quickly becomes addictive.(translated from the French)”

Bertrand Tappaz -

“I had a great time rocking with Kittenhead at the Roxy. Go see them. They will be around for a long as they want to be.”

Dave Shaw -
The Los Angeles Beat

“They have a lot of songs to listen and they are all amazing, you will never get bored I could listen this all day. This music could be played for sure on a rock festival around in this world”

r.g.j hulshof -

What Oli says:

Well what can I say about Kittenhead?!? The first song i have listened to was NYB and hell yeah they got me in. I had to listen to more songs and i just can say Kittenhead totally rocks! 
I personaly love the pure energy and pure rock in the songs! The rhythm is great and you have to move around while listening. And there is one more thing i really do love. Kittenhead plays have a good feeling of the rhythm, when it matches to play slower or getting faster! Thats a great thing!
Keep rocking like that!! Oh and yes i am always happy to talk to Kivi on Twitter! You are really one great person!

Where you can find Kittenhead:

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