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The Band:

Katye Kellye - Vocals
Richard Stern, Larry Gray, and Paul Friend - Guitars
Mary Pranzatelli-Gray (Vox/Guitar),
Raf Santiago (Bass),
Jose Loo, (Keys)

The Bio:

Katye Kellye (Kat-cha Kel-lee) is very, very tired of Autocorrect trying to change her name. Her band, The Interruption, is was until recently composed of amazing studio professionals who have worked with bands you've actually heard of. Ms. Kellye has assembled a band with musicians who need to be heard from - Richard Stern, Larry Gray, and Paul Friend on Guitar; Mary Pranzatelli-Gray on Vox, and will feature Jose Loo on Keys/vocals, Raf Santiago multi-instrumentalist/vocals, and a drummer to be named later through a trade with another band..

She has been a singer and songwriter for a relatively short time (in geologic terms) or a very large number of dog years. Previously the lead singer of Toxic Shox, her most recent offering (the first in about 35 years) is an EP, Vanity Project, which is available on most streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube Music, Spotify, IHeartRadio, Napster, Deezer, YouTube, Soundcloud and others. Her sound incorporates her downtown punk roots with hints of classic arena rock, "Wall of Sound" girl groups, and opera.

Ms. Kellye writes incisive, pointed, bad-assed songs of experience that are probably not about you. (Although if you think they are, maybe you need to think about why that might be.)

Katye Kellye and The Interruption is hard at work on completing their first full-length album, Late Bloomer that will be available from Quinterruption Music in 2019.

What others say:

“A diverse class of Rock and Roll...guitar twang at times has a Country charm. It most definitely has a rock and roll pride and a folk-rock charm. Almost a Celtic rock platform, too, comparable to The Waterboys, always a good thing in my music book.”

— Forkster Music Promotions

“If the Me Too movement started a few decades ago, chances are the music industry today would sound and look quite different. In hindsight, The Bangles, The Runaways, The Go-Go’s and similar other groups may have had competition from Kelli Markle Rosenthal and the all-woman punk rock band the singer-songwriter fronted at the time. Now, Rosenthal, who uses the stage name Katye Kellye (Kah-cha Kell-ee) is back with an EP and some bigger plans.”

— Paul Wolfle - Music Interview Magazine 07.12.19

What Oli says:

Katye Kellye and the Interruption has one amazing sound! It really reminds of good old rock bands! I enjoy to listen the music and i can't help you get automaticly in a good mood! The melodic groove in the song is really amazing! I truly love to listen to them!

Where you can find Katye Kellye and the Interruption:

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