Indie Butterflies Dream

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The Band

All Music & Lyrics: Jackob P. Breyna 
Producer: Reuvn H.

The Bio

The band released their debut single "Seven" in December of 2018, they describes the track as "a rock style themed ballad" the single has been followed up with their second release "Piece of Mind" on February 2019. Both songs have recieved critical acclaim for the deep lyrics and a now "classic rock style" refreshed for a new generation.
The third single 'RadioZombie' was released on May 29 2019.
'Another Day' is the 4th single released on July 29th 2019

What others say:

Find a huge interview of Indie Butterflies Dream here. The Interview did Where Trtlz Lives!

What Oli says:

Indie Butterflies Dream was actually the first Indie Band which submitted music to us! Jackob is a very kind person, i always love our interactions on Twitter! But now to the music! I love the way how Indie Butterflies Dream playing their own Rock Style. As i am a sucker for rock ballads, they have found very fast a way into my heart! I personally love the ballad sound, but also when the song gets faster. I think it is a perfect mix of Rock music! 
Keep rocking guys!!

Where you can find Indie Butterflies Dream:

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