Faith Head

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The Band:

Jimmie Webb / Lead Singer
PFunk / Bass 
Donny Raines / Guitar
Brian Montgomery / Guitar
Dale Adams / Drums

The Bio:

Faith Head is an alternative / metal band from Chattanooga, TN. Faith Head formed in 2016 and has performed regionally, nationally and on television and radio. The band will share the stage with anyone and play almost anywhere. Faith Head claims no specific genre and refuses to be categorized. Lyrically the music addresses religion, cultural polarization and a rotting moral landscape in order to point to hope. Live Faith Head is a straight-up rock show without backing tracks to give the audience a pure, raw live performance with all its unpredictability.

Faith Head’s second album “Genesys” was released worldwide on April 15, 2019. The album reflects much of what they see happening in the world today. Is it the beginning of the end or just a dress rehearsal for Armageddon? The music is the band’s response to culture and social media as they see the system breaking down and people becoming more polarized.

Faith Head debuted at the Ignite Festival in Meadville, PA in 2018 and Nehemiah Fest in Kansas City, MO in September 2018. The band released their debut album “Are you a Faith Head?” on December 2016 and landed at #6 on Metal Pulse Radio’s Top 10 album of the Year in 2016. In 2017 Faith Head was nominated by Independent Artist Magazine for Best Male Artist of the year. The band was featured in the documentary “Metal Missionaries” in September 2017. The group also toured on the southeast leg of The Extreme Tour in 2017. The band was also the first hard rock act to perform at the Gospel Spin Awards in October 2017.

What others say:

I love this 90’s power ballad sound (at least that’s what I think it is, I don’t know much about music genres) and the lyrics are beautiful! - Youtube User

Moving, the words are Truth, and you present them in a great way. The music is almost hypnotic allowing you to really mediate on the message. As to the video, it works. But as a creative visionary, I see so much more for this song. I do think you did a great job on this. I am just seeing something. Well if even if the world has yet to hear you, God hears you and Jesus is rocking to your passion and talent. - Youtube User

What Oli says:

Faith Head really plays pure Rock!! I absolutely love it! One of the best parts is the bass play, as you might know already it is one of the first things i listen on a new song! 
Altogether you can say Faith Head matches a lot what you want in a rock band! Great Bass play, the drums are amazing and dont forget the guitar play and vocals! You really can say they are a real Rock Band! Give them a listen guys!

Where you can find Faith Head:

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