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The original Eden's End was formed in early 1985 by Jack Goodwin (vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar), Clayton Dickson (drums, vocals), and a series of guitarists, none of whom could be trusted with an unopened can of beer. In a few months the band had lost its Joy Division fixation and acquired a steady guitar-monger in Byron Norton (guitar, vocals). Over the next year and a half, Eden's End composed a healthy set list of songs and played at numerous Calgary clubs including opening night (January 15-18, 1986) at Club Notes with Skinny Puppy, NEOA4, and the Rip Chords. On May 28, 1986, the Eden's End trio recorded 3 songs at the Sundae Sound studio with Doug Faires (RIP) at the console.

Clayton named his own replacement before leaving town in the Fall of 1986 to continue his education. Jim Greckle (drums), Byron, and Jack continued the project for several months and several more engagements. On November 15, 1986, Jack & Byron returned to Sundae Sound and along with Doug Faires, updated the backing vocals and did a remix & mastering of the track titled, "Heaven and Hell", which in early 1987 would be contributed to Writing on Stone: The Alberta Compilation.

Though Clayton played drums on the recording, the revised line-up played shows in Calgary and in Edmonton to promote the album. There was some panic ahead of the Edmonton show when Jim was unexpectedly detained by his fraternity brothers. Then during the show, Byron's amp stack tipped over and fell off the stage during the set. The Calgary show saw greater success.

At this point, it was no longer practical for Jim to continue with Eden's End since he was going to school in Edmonton. Jack and Byron played one more gig at The Beach playing along with pre-recorded drums. The enthusiasm dwindled very shortly after that, and finally when Byron quit the band to pursue his passion for hat-making, Eden's End went on hiatus.

Jack kept the dream alive by writing songs and scrawling rude artwork on the restroom wall at Ten Foot Henry's, but it wasn't until May 1990, with Clayton back in Calgary, that he decided to resurrect the band. Ken Kittlitz (guitar), ears still ringing from his 3 year sojourn with Enemy Mind Feel, and Tim Faunt (guitar), a long time friend who couldn't think of a good excuse to get out of it, were recruited to complete the line-up. Guitarists both, Tim and Ken manage between them to play almost everything that Byron did.

With enthusiasm fully restored, it took the band less than 3 months to amass enough material to record and release (in limited quantities on cassette) the Resurrection EP in July 1990. 

1990 through 1993, the revamped Eden's End played numerous gigs at The Republik and The Westward Club, was one of the five bands to share the MacEwan Hall Ballroom stage at the 1991 Rock Against Racism benefit. 

The band was on a roll when they headlined at the 1991 Soweto Day Memorial and Tools for Peace benefits. For Halloween 1991, Eden's End dressed up as Devo and opened the show with a guitar-centric rendition of Whip It.

The crowd surfed on the back of a guy dressed as a bed while Eden's End pumped out their jazzy rendition of the Surfaries, Wipe Out.

In the spring of 1992, Jack worked on a side project with a band called NU-RELIC where he signed on as their vocalist and rhythm guitar player. The band had a short run producing only two tracks: My Reflection and The Worm which got some attention and a music video produced by Red Deer TV.

Meanwhile, traction was gaining for Eden's End when we blew the crowd away at Franky & Johnny's North in May of 1992, hosting opening acts Chixdiggit and Red Autumn Fall.

It was also during this time period that the band set down the tracks for their It's About Time album, which ironically, went uncompleted and failed to be released publicly at that time.

Halloween 1993 (by now an annual ritual), the band played at the U of C Graduate Students Lounge along with Clayton's other musical excursion The Gradual Stupids.

In early 1994, after playing with Spy Lemon and Sugar Burger at The Industry, Clayton loaded up the rest of the Clampett clan and headed back to the East. Eden's End took a step back once again. This time though, there was no formal breakup. Tim, Ken, and Jack still got together on occasion to rehash the oldies, either playing along with a cheap drum machine or by tricking some garage band wannabe into banging on the bongos. No one spontaneously combusted, or at least that's the story the band is sticking with. 

During the summer of 1996, Eden's End finally discovered a drummer with the right drinking skills and a twisted enough sense of humour to fill the vacancy. Greg Hamel (drums) joined the roster.

From 1996 until 2015, the band was content to simply keep the fire stoked while going through periods of frequent and not-so-frequent jam sessions. No live gigs were sought. Instead, like so many others, the band turned its attention to careers and families. With a reduced amount of time to spend on the band, it is only expected that when the band did get together, focus was on finding the perfect balance between music and consumption of libations.

In 2015, with children no longer demanding every spare moment and drummer Greg spending more time in the country, the band was given more focus. This meant more time for practice and more time spent in the studio. In August 2015, the band released the fully remixed and remastered It's About Time album which included 2 bonus tracks.

In October 2017, the band released the howlingly good single The Animals Cry.

In early 2018, the band unearthed some recordings from Ken's time with Enemy Mind Feel and posted videos for the Half-life 10,000 Years EP to their YouTube channel.

On Valentine's Day 2019, Eden's End released the single titled, "Diamonds Are Forever." Remarkably, this marked the first publically available recording featuring Greg on the drums. Dare we say it? . . . It's About Time! 

On April 14, 2019 the single was reviewed on the "WHERE TRTLZ LIVES" blog!

In late-April, our guitarist Tim Faunt was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Stage IV Brain cancer. There's no sugar coating it; the prognosis & statistics for this particular disease are grim. With Tim undergoing treatment, we've commited to as frequent jamming as possible & recording as much unreleased material as we can.

On July 29, 2019 (Tim's birthday), Eden's End released the single titled, "The Cat On The Runway." 

On August 16, 2019 a song by Turbo Vice titled, "Home" was released. The song featured lyrics and vocals by our very own Jack Goodwin.

People have likened the band's sound to that of R.E.M., 54-40, The Wallflowers, Collective Soul, Eve 6, Third Eye Blind, Seven Mary Three, and Our Lady Piece while its alcohol intake capabilities have earned it comparisons to the Doors.

It's not about the top 100, touring the country, groupies, fart jokes, or getting out of shovelling the side-walk. It's about the music.... True Canadian made original alternative rock and roll! The band only has one future aspiration: to fulfil its dream of attaining the perfect aural blend of Metallica and Barry Manilow. "We write the songs that make the whole world scream." 

What others say:

Oli has to research

What Oli says:

Eden's End is one of a kind rock band! The songs are very energetic and full of joy in my eyes! I always enjoy listening and playing it on our Station! You all have to listen to Eden's End, they will put you for sure in a good mood!
I also love the big support by the guys for us and for other Bands!
Thank you so much, glad we have met! Keep rocking guys!

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