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Embryonic seeds are sown in the salubrious suburban seaside resort of Crosby.


19 November - As The Silent Deep , the combo makes its live debut at the Birkey Hotel, Crosby.

They are paid to leave after the first set. They change their name to Bloody Picnic


An early recording session includes drummer Sean Durney who goes on to briefly join Electrafixion.

They play a decent gig at Bangor City Football Club having shared the bill with Y Cyrff - precursor to Catatonia - on several previous occasions, and join the Merseyside circuit, often with an early incarnation of Clinic.

The inscrutable Monty Cantsin ascends to the bass throne.


The unit briefly becomes a five piece, performing as Fevertree at Crosby Civic Hall, sharing a bill with Dust, the latter-day version of Benny Profane. The gig ends with a somewhat passive aggressive riot and is filmed, although the ensuing footage is lost to the mists of time.

Arndale Sane subsequently takes up the beat and the three-piece Sunprobe is born, making its debut at the Blundellsands Hotel

The first Sunprobe cassette is released - reviewed HERE.

The unit takes to the road, performing at legendary venues including Liverpool's Cavern Club and London's Sir George Robey (Finsbury Park), Bull and Gate (Kentish Town) and The Falcon (Camden), as well as a Bootle festival, on a bill that includes Dr Phibes and the House of Wax Equations and members of Pink Floyd. They also play in Bournemouth, winning over a number of Brazilian Pantera fans.


The second Sunprobe cassette is released and live performance continues unabated, mainly in Liverpool and London but a couple of times across the Pennines. After almost collaborating with Sonic Boom in Spectrum, the year's highlight is a packed Saturday afternoon matinee show at Planet X in Liverpool.

March 6th, the band supports The God Machine in St Helens. Shortly after, a new vocalist arrives and the moniker Coloursound is adopted for a new version of Sunburst - Marshall - recorded for the Kool Tone compilation album Mersey Killers.

An elongated hiatus - often referred to as The Long Winter - begins...


A brief Sunprobe reunion in Birmingham culminates in the recording of Cartesian Jetstream for another Kool Tone compilation, Songs from the Ether - Volume One

The not-quite-as-long Winter of the second hiatus begins...


After a few false starts from 2012, Luther and Monty reunite, rebranding as Circus Redux. A flurry of releases commences in order to clear the vaults before the true mission begins..

What others say:

Circus Redux arose from the ashes of previous band, Sunprobe, in which Luther Blissett sang and played guitar and the talented Monty Cantsin provided his bass skills. Hailing from Liverpool but being bored by football and hating the Beatles forced them into the parallel world of Gelton.
Somewhere in the centre of a Venn diagram between Garage Rock, Post-Punk, Post-Punk and Neo-Psychedelia and influenced by bands ranging from The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The Seeds, Television, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and The Stranglers to Levitation, The God Machine, Mogwai and British Sea Power, the band have settled into a sound that is uniquely their own.
2018 has been well spent recording from a stockpile of tracks and releasing six EPs to date through Bandcamp, with another few to come before the year end. 2019 will see a full album and a return to live dates'.  -  itisindie.co.uk

What Oli says:

Circus Redux is one great Rock Band. I personally love how they have slower songs, close to ballads, and faster pure rock songs! Both sides are really brilliant by them. I truly enjoy to listen to the songs! 
You all should take a listen to Circus Redux. Keep rocking guys!

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