Blue vines

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The Band

Nick Gonzalez: vocals/guitar/drums
Andrea De Renzis: bass 

The Bio

Originally conceived as the solo project of musician Nick Gonzalez, Blue Vines has since evolved into something wholly unexpected and wonderful. Hailing from Staten Island, NY, the band seeks to blend a host of their favorite punk and indie rock foundations to create a sound all their own. With their debut EP, "Fever Dreamy", Blue Vines offers up 5 songs for wherever you're at in your life, and a friend if you need one

What others say:

Oli has to research too!

What Oli says:

Blue Vines is a Band i recently met! The music is a great mix of punkish, rockish influences! I myself love the rhythm in all of the songs! The slow and fast parts in it perfectly match! It is really great to listen to Blue Vines. And for me it always puts me in a good mood.
I have talked/messaged with Nick Gonzalez a bit and i just can say he is an amazing person. So full of positivity, energy and excitment. You can hear all this in the songs! I am very happy we met and guys keep up that great work! You guys rock!

Where you can find Blue Vines:

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