Banana Blonde

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The Band

Zach Sheffield - Vocals & Guitar
Christopher Sims - Drums
Chris Harrington - Bass

The Bio

Banana Blonde is a three piece rock band that was formed in 2013 by Zach Sheffield, Chris Sims, and Chris Harrington. It's a project that grew out of the frustration with the lack of original music on a local level.

Fed up with music that was being labeled as rock, the main idea was to create a band that would put out original music featuring distorted guitars, heavy drums, and wailing vocals. Sims and Zach recorded the first batch of songs on the self-titled EP, then went back to the studio to add three more songs for the release of The Great Pendulum Swing.

What others say:

Wow! Love what I'm hearing! - Youtube User

What Oli says:

Banana Blonde is just pure rock! I personally love their rough guitar play! It is really catchy and matches perfect the vocals! Every single song by them is really just rocking! You all should give them a listen!

Where you can find Banana Blonde:

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