30 Empire

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The Band:

Warren Organ

The Bio:

30 Empire is a solo music project by Warren Organ. Making music for the love of making music.

What Others Say:

Great tune, brother! We can hear some Hendrix and Trower influence on that guitar intro. - YouTube User

Wonderful atmosphere.. I love..Love the bass..Wonderful voice too..unique style..Big big big like (21) for this splendid job.. - YouTube User 

What Oli Says:

Well what can i say anything else than 30Empire rocks!! As you might know already i am a sucker for bass play. And in Warren's Songs the bassplay is just brilliant! Well not only the bass, the entire songs are pretty amazing. Those songs are great to listen to! And one thing i absolutely love about it, it has somehow always a dark mood in it but on the same time happy. How you did manage this is really great!
So guys better take a listen to 30Empire!!

Where You Can Find 30 Empire

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